Why feel alone lil’ giRl?


Letting you fly... šŸ™‚

“uh? am i?”
hahaha.. ofcourse…!!
“don’t know.. good good only kok…”
hmm.. sure? just trying to make any sure.. r u okay?
“huah.. how can i completely okay if people keep asking me if i’m okay?”
dear.. for some other things, we are very similar. Very.
“hah.. so why u keep asking me that question.. i’m tired..”
haha.. u worry to much wie…
“yayaya.. leave me alone!!”
where? come on.. i’ll carry you home…
“haaah.. so please stop talk to me.. $%##@@# god’s sake!!!”
heiii.. i’m in ur heart too.. i go nowhere
“u never told me that it hurt like hell…please goD, give me amnesia :(“
as u wish dear.. i’m in pain too,i felt like i was in a silent movie.. but always with you.. nobody knows.. More