Why feel alone lil’ giRl?


Letting you fly... 🙂

“uh? am i?”
hahaha.. ofcourse…!!
“don’t know.. good good only kok…”
hmm.. sure? just trying to make any sure.. r u okay?
“huah.. how can i completely okay if people keep asking me if i’m okay?”
dear.. for some other things, we are very similar. Very.
“hah.. so why u keep asking me that question.. i’m tired..”
haha.. u worry to much wie…
“yayaya.. leave me alone!!”
where? come on.. i’ll carry you home…
“haaah.. so please stop talk to me.. $%##@@# god’s sake!!!”
heiii.. i’m in ur heart too.. i go nowhere
“u never told me that it hurt like hell…please goD, give me amnesia :(“
as u wish dear.. i’m in pain too,i felt like i was in a silent movie.. but always with you.. nobody knows..
“i was trying to process all of those in my brain…this is so not fair”
yes dear.. but you forget to use me.. your heart.. choosing, however simple the choices are, is never really that simple.. sometimes everythings felt unfair..
“hhh… u’re right..sometimes, we do have to choose to settle down..”
feel better??
“much better… thanks..”
anytime… 🙂
Let’s go for iCecream time..!!
“hahaha.. take me to the place where you go, where nobody knows.. the place that we can find many bird, butterfly, dragonfly,anything.. coz i want to go away for a while..”

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. .gungws
    Dec 07, 2008 @ 07:30:22

    ok, hati2 djln,….liat kiri dan kanan,pastikan aman, kemudian menyebrang- dialog dini hari 😀

    jgn pulang malem y,see y

    GungWie :
    “haha.. gila.. ngomong sendiri kita.. :p , thanks ya gung..”


  2. Wira
    Dec 07, 2008 @ 14:22:35

    Mau dong, ikut nyari es krim….

    GungWie :
    “ayoooooo… kapan? kapan? :)”


  3. agra
    Dec 07, 2008 @ 15:43:29

    knp ujung2ny harus ice cream??

    GungWie :
    “karena menyenangkan hati 🙂 ah.. jadi inget hutangmu gra.. eskrim 6!! harap dibayar!”


  4. imsuryawan
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 00:58:20

    kok jdi ngomongin es krim? 😕

    GungWie :
    “oh..iya bli.. dLuar konteks.. haha apa kaden konteksne masih ing ngerti =p “


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